St. Robert's Training & Management Center
St. Robert's was established in Iloilo City in summer of 1999, officially registered as St. Robert's Training and Management Center (SRTMC) with the Department of Trade and Industry. Operating as an educational marketing company, St. Robert's first HEI client was the Graduate School Extension program of the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME) located in San Antonio Village, Makati City.
The Iloilo operation was a huge success, and the numerous clamor for learning centers around the country resulted to an immediate expansion to Bacolod City, Roxas City, and Tacloban City in 2000.
Aside from IAME, other client Graduate Schools like PWU, PCU, JRU, and OLFU and SUCs were added to the graduate offerings marketed and locally managed by St. Robert's Training and Management Center.
St. Robert's International Academy
In 2004, SRTMC established its first educational company the St. Robert's International Academy (SRIA) which was registered under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). In 2010 SRIA was upgraded into a full blown educational institution this time registered with the Department of Education as a full elementary, and high school department.​
St. Roberts Global Education Co., Ltd.
SS-Robertine Global Education. In 2008 St. Robert's ventured into its first international operation upon the invitation of then Ambassador Antonio Rodriguez who suggested to offer a Teacher Certificate program to save many Filipino Teachers from being retrenched for lack of then newly required Thai Teaching License. After Thailand, the Hong Kong Learning Center was established followed by the Jakarta Learning Center. To date, the Laos Learning Center was added to the international coverage of SS-Robertine Global Education (SS-RGEd) - a Thai registered company.
Bellarmine Global Education
In 2015, another St. Robert's company was established in Nonthaburi City following the same template of educational marketing operations but this time focusing on the elementary and high school programs. Bellarmine Global Education (BGEd) is a Thai registered company.
St. Robert's Training & Management Center
St. Robert's International Academy
St. Roberts Global Education Co., Ltd.
Bellarmine Global Education